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Radiator Mart has been serving customer needs since 1980 by offering the best price and quality work in town. We specialize in car and truck radiators. We also offer A/C service for all cars, truck radiator repair and service, water pump, Thermostat, rod outs, and Heater Core service, new radiator installation, gas tank cleaning, and also recoring radiator.

Since 1980 Radiator Mart has been loacated at
10911 Burbank Blvd. North Hollywood CA
91601. Radiator Mart has always been offering
the highest quality work for all customer needs.
We created many radiators for show cars, race
cars, trucks, and custom cars...

Maintaining your
vehicle's radiator and
cooling system is
important for keeping
your car in good
working condition...

We Offer Full Service Radiator Repair & Installation.

  • Leak Repair: We inspect radiator leaks and can suggest whether or not the radiator may be repaired.
  • Clean and repair: The radiator is cleaned externally and internally by immersion. It is then inspected and repaired as needed.
  • Rod-out and repair: One tank is removed and a rod is inserted into each tube to remove debris. The radiator is reassembled and tested.
  • Plastic radiator tank and gasket replacements: The radiator is placed in a special fixture to detach the damaged tank and/or gasket. The tank and/or gasket is replaced with a readily available new or restored part.