Since 1980 Radiator Mart has been located at 10911 Burbank Blvd. North Hollywood CA 91601. Radiator Mart has always been offering the highest quality work for all customer needs. We created many radiators for show cars, race cars, trucks, and custom cars. Radiator Mart specializes in plastic tanks, aluminum radiators, copper radiators, water pumps, and A/C services. Radiator Marts goal is to serve the customer with fast service. Radiator Mart also offers friendly customer service. Radiator Mart specializes in recoring truck radiators, rod outs of the radiator core, changing the radiator tank either plastic or metal, and also if the truck has over heating problems we try to solve the problem by recoring and adding more lines to the radiator. We also diagnose A/C system to find out where the leakage is coming from.

Our Goals

  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To make each client feel like the only client.
  • To promote an inclusive workplace and help the community.