Our Services

  • Radiator Service
  • Truck Radiator Repair
  • Plastic Tank Repair
  • A/C Service
  • Water Pump
  • Thermostat
  • Heater Core service
  • Radiator Flush
  • New Radiator Installation
  • Complete Cooling System Diagnostic
  • Gas Tank Cleaning
  • Recore Radiator
  • Radiator Hose Replacement

Radiator Repiar

  • Leak repair: We inspect radiator leaks and can suggest whether or not the radiator may be repaired
  • Clean and repair: The radiator is cleaned externally and internally by immersion. It is then inspected and repaired as needed.
  • Rod-out and repair: One tank is removed and a rod is inserted into each tube to remove debris. The radiator is reassembled and tested.
  • Re-core: This technique uses existing tanks with a new core.
  • Plastic radiator tank and gasket replacements: The radiator is placed in a special fixture to detach the damaged tank and/or gasket. The tank and/or gasket is replaced with a readily available new or restored part.